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Warm Up:

Have the students spend five minutes writing down how they think design thinking and empathy can be used to solve different problems. Ask them to think about the ways those concepts can be used to find solutions or better understanding.

Building Activity:

1) Divide the students into groups of four.
2) Assign a problem from their list from the warm up.
3) Ask the groups to think of solutions to their problem using design thinking and empathy.
4) Give the groups 10 minutes to discuss and come up with solutions.
5) Ask the groups to present their solutions to the class.


1) Ask the students how design thinking and empathy can help them make decisions.
2) Have them share an example of how they used design thinking and empathy to solve a problem in their life.
3) Ask the students to make connections between their solutions and their own life problems.

4) Ask each student to think of one way they can use design thinking and empathy in their day-to-day life.

5) Finally, have the students write a reflection on how they used design thinking and empathy during the lesson.