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Learning Objective: Students will be able to classify a set of numbers as rational, integer, whole, and/or natural numbers using a graphic organizer.

Language Objective: Students will be able to effectively communicate their understanding of number classification by correctly labeling a given number as rational, integer, whole, and/or natural on a post-it note.

Materials: - Graphic organizer worksheet - Post-it notes - Pencils


  1. Introduction (5 minutes):
    • Begin the lesson by asking students if they know what rational, integer, whole, and natural numbers are.
    • Discuss the definitions of each type of number and provide examples for better understanding.
    • Explain the importance of classifying numbers into different categories.
  2. Direct Instruction (10 minutes):
    • Distribute the graphic organizer worksheet to each student.
    • Review the definitions of rational, integer, whole, and natural numbers.
    • Model how to classify a set of numbers on the graphic organizer by providing examples and explaining the reasoning behind each classification.
  3. Guided Practice (15 minutes):
    • Provide a set of numbers for students to classify on their graphic organizers.
    • Walk around the classroom to monitor students’ progress and provide assistance as needed.
    • Encourage students to discuss their reasoning with their peers.
  4. Independent Practice (10 minutes):
    • Distribute post-it notes to each student.
    • Instruct students to choose one number from the set they classified on their graphic organizer and write it on the post-it note.
    • Students should then classify the chosen number as either rational, integer, whole, and/or natural on the post-it note.
  5. Closure (5 minutes):
    • Collect the post-it notes from the students.
    • Review the learning objective and ask students to reflect on their understanding of number classification.
    • Discuss any challenges or questions that arose during the lesson.
  6. Exit Ticket (5 minutes):
    • Review a few randomly selected post-it notes and ask students to explain their classification choices.
    • Provide feedback and clarification as needed.

Extension Activity: - Students can create their own sets of numbers and classify them on a new graphic organizer. - They can then exchange their graphic organizers with a partner and check each other’s work.

Note: The time allocated for each section is approximate and can be adjusted based on the needs and pace of the students.