Students will learn elements & types of non-fiction writing, explore styles & approaches, practice & discuss txts, & write essays.

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Create a lesson plan for a college non-fiction writing class. Include an introduction, lesson outline, questioning, assessment, differentiation and plenary. Include links to some video and worksheet resources.

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In this lesson, students will learn about non-fiction writing. They will identify the elements of non-fiction writing and explore the different types of non-fiction writing. Through activities and discussion, students will explore and develop their understanding of the genre and its various forms.

Lesson outline

• Explain the elements of non-fiction writing
• Discuss the various types of non-fiction writing
• Show examples of each type of non-fiction writing
• Use video and worksheet resources to practice the different types
• Discuss the different styles and approaches of writing
• Practice and discuss sample non-fiction texts


• What are the elements of non-fiction writing?
• How are the various types of non-fiction writing different?
• What is the best approach for writing a particular type of non-fiction?


• Provide a written assignment for students to write a 500-word essay about a particular type of non-fiction writing
• Create an online discussion board and have the students post their essays for peer review
• Allow students to score each other’s essays based on the criteria outlined in the lesson


• Provide additional resources for weaker students
• Allow students to work together in small groups
• Give students extra time to work on their essays


• Have students present their essays to the class and provide feedback to their peers
• Encourage students to discuss any issues or questions they may have
• Post a survey asking students to reflect on their experience and the effectiveness of the lesson


• Video:
• Worksheet: