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- Explain the difference between sweeties and medicines
- Recognize potential sources of medicine in the home
- Understand why medicines are necessary and important
- Learn how to keep safe when handling medicine


- Pictures of medicines and sweets
- Whiteboard and markers


1. Introduction (10 minutes)

- Ask the students to today’s lesson topic is “Learning About Medicines”
- Say that they will be learning about the difference between sweets and medicines
- Have the students guess what medicines are used for (illnesses, injuries, health purposes)

2. Explanation of Medicine (15 minutes)

- Show the students pictures of medicines, discussing each type and its purpose
- Talk about where medicines can be found in the home (medicine cabinet, pantry, bathroom)
- Give examples of different types of medicines and the effects they have on the body

3. Keeping Safe with Medicine (15 minutes)

- Discuss safety tips when handling medicines
- Tell the students that medicines should always be kept away from children
- Explain the importance of reading instructions when giving medicine

4. Questions and Activity (15 minutes)

- Ask the students questions to determine what they have learned
- Have the students draw pictures of medicines and sweets

5. Conclusion (5 minutes)

- Review what was covered in the lesson
- Discuss the importance of medicines and how they can help people when they are feeling ill or injured