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Welcome the students to the class, explaining what the lesson will involve. Tell the students that you will be reading and discussing stories from the book “Short Stories in Spanish for Beginners” by Olly Richards. Explain that the stories are great for their level, as they are written entirely in simple Spanish, perfect for beginner learners.

Lesson Outline

1. Read and discuss the story “Los vecinos” (The Neighbours). The story provides a great example of basic Spanish dialogue and can be used as a starting point for learning more about Spanish grammar and sentence structure.

2. Make a list of new vocab from the story as a class.

3. Watch a short video about Spanish grammar and sentence structure that relates to the story. Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OuUD12Oy00

4. Complete the accompanying worksheet activity, with each student developing their own answers. Here is an example: http://discoverinmexico.com/docs/ESL/Los%20Vecinos/worksheet.pdf


1. Ask the class questions about the grammar and sentence structure seen in the story.

2. Ask questions about the characters, setting, and plot.


1. Assess each student’s individual work on the worksheet activity.

2. Assess their understanding of the video content and their ability to apply it to the story.


To differentiate the learning, offer more difficult grammar questions and activities for those who are progressing faster, and easier options for those who need extra help.


Provide a brief plenary at the end of the lesson. Have students summarise the main points, share their understanding and ask any questions about what they covered.