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Objective: By the end of this class, students will be able to identify and differentiate between adjectives and adverbs, as well as correctly use them in sentences.

Materials: Flipchart and markers, handouts for practice activities

Introduction (5 minutes):
- Introduce the topic of adjectives and adverbs and explain their functions in a sentence (adjectives modify nouns and adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs)
- Using a marker on the flipchart, provide some examples of adjectives and adverbs

Model (15 minutes):
- Using the flipchart and markers, break down a few sentences, identifying adjectives and adverbs
- Ask students to provide examples of adjectives and adverbs
- Model how to construct a sentence using adjectives and adverbs

Apply (20 minutes):
- Distribute the handouts with practice activities
- Ask students to work in pairs to complete the activities
- Monitor student progress and answer questions

Conclusion (5 minutes):
- Ask students to explain and provide examples of adjectives and adverbs
- Summarize the objectives of the class and review the main takeaways
- Thank students for their involvement and participation