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At the end of the lesson, participants will be able to:

1. Identify unconscious buying motivations that influence the success of a sale
2. Describe different techniques and tactics used to influence buyers in their purchase decisions
3. Create strategies to increase sales by understanding and applying techniques to influence buyer motivations


- PowerPoint presentation
- Handouts
- Case studies

Lesson Outline:

I. Introduction (15 mins)
- Explain the concept of unconscious buying motivation
- Discuss how these motivations influence success of a sale

II. Techniques and Tactics (15 mins)
- Explain different techniques to influence buyers’ purchase decisions such as social proof, pricing structure, emotional triggers and repetition
- Show real-world examples of each technique used in sales

III. Utilizing Unconscious Motivation (20 mins)
- Lead a discussion on how to utilize unconscious motivation when structuring sales strategies
- Provide case studies for the participants to analyze

IV. Application & Activity (20 mins)
- Have participants work in pairs to brainstorm strategies for increasing sales using various unconscious buying motivations
- Break participants up into small groups to discuss strategies and apply them to real-life scenarios

V. Conclusion (10 mins)
- Summarize the lesson and recap points discussed
- Answer any questions the participants may have
- Encourage participants to experiment with unconscious buying motivations in their sales strategies moving forward