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Lesson Plan: First Day at School after Summer Holidays (B1 Level)

Introduction: - Greet the students and welcome them back to school after the summer holidays. - Engage in a brief discussion about their summer experiences and ask them how they feel about starting a new school year. - Share your own summer experience and express your excitement for the upcoming year.

Lesson Outline: 1. Icebreaker Activity: “Summer Highlights” (10 minutes) - Divide the students into pairs or small groups. - Instruct them to share their favorite summer memory with their partner/group. - After a few minutes, ask some students to share their partner’s/group’s highlight with the whole class.

  1. Vocabulary Review: “Back to School” (15 minutes)
    • Introduce and review key vocabulary related to going back to school after the summer holidays (e.g., school supplies, subjects, classroom objects).
    • Use flashcards or visual aids to help students understand and remember the new vocabulary.
    • Engage the students in a short discussion about their expectations for the new school year.
  2. Video Activity: “First Day of School” (20 minutes)
    • Show a short video clip depicting a typical first day at school after the summer holidays.
    • Encourage the students to pay attention to the different activities, emotions, and interactions portrayed in the video.
    • After watching, discuss the video as a class, asking questions such as:
      • What did you notice about the students’ behavior on the first day?
      • How did the students feel about returning to school?
      • Did anything surprise you in the video?
  3. Worksheet Activity: “First Day Reflection” (15 minutes)
    • Distribute a worksheet that includes questions about the students’ own first day experiences.
    • Instruct the students to complete the worksheet individually, reflecting on their own feelings, expectations, and goals for the new school year.
    • After completing the worksheet, allow some students to share their responses with the class.

Questioning: - Throughout the lesson, ask open-ended questions to encourage students to express their thoughts and opinions. - Examples: How did you feel on your first day back at school? What are you looking forward to this year? Did anything surprise you in the video?

Assessment: - Assess the students’ understanding of the vocabulary through their participation in the discussions and completion of the worksheet. - Observe their ability to express themselves in English during the icebreaker activity and the video discussion. - Provide feedback and guidance as needed.

Differentiation: - Provide additional support to students who may struggle with vocabulary by offering simplified definitions or translations. - Encourage more advanced students to use higher-level vocabulary and express their thoughts in more detail during discussions.

Plenary: - Summarize the key points discussed during the lesson, emphasizing the importance of starting the new school year with a positive mindset. - Encourage the students to set goals for themselves and express their commitment to making the most of the upcoming year.

Resources: 1. Video: “First Day of School” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12345 (example link) 2. Worksheet: “First Day Reflection” - [Attach a downloadable worksheet or provide a link to an online resource]

Note: The video and worksheet resources provided in this lesson plan are examples. You may choose to use different resources based on your students’ interests and needs.