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Good morning, class 10! Today we will be discussing how to maintain proper center of gravity. Center of gravity is the point at which all of the mass an object or person is spread. Maintaining a proper center of gravity is essential in all types of activities, from sports, to simply standing and walking. Let’s get started!

Lesson Outline:

I. Introduction (5 minutes) a. Defining center of gravity b. Importance of center of gravity

II. Activity - Balance Beam (15 minutes) a. Demonstrate proper center of gravity movement on the beam b. Have students practice moving across the beam in the same way

III. Discussion (5 minutes) a. Why is it important to maintain proper center of gravity? b. How can we accomplish this?

Questioning: During the activity, students can be prompted with questions such as: - Where is your center of gravity? - How can you use your body to shift your center of gravity? - Why is it important to maintain proper center of gravity?

Assessment: At the end of the activity, students can fill out a worksheet that assesses their understanding of the lesson. The worksheet should include questions such as: - Describe what center of gravity is - Explain why it is important to maintain your center of gravity - List ways to maintain your center of gravity

Differentiation: For students who might find the activity more challenging, you can provide a smaller balance beam to help them practice. You can also break the activity into smaller steps and offer one-on-one guidance as they move along the beam.

For students who find the activity easier, you can provide a wider balance beam and challenge them to maintain their center of gravity while crossing it.

Plenary: At the end of the lesson, recap the key points discussed and ask students to describe the importance of maintaining their center of gravity. Assign the worksheet for further practice and review.

Video and Worksheet Resources:

  • Video: What is Center of Gravity? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eV8Um1p0NlE)
  • Worksheet: Center of Gravity Worksheet (https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Center-of-Gravity-Worksheet-3835127)