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Objective: To create a storyboard for a short film.

- paper
- pencils
- pens
- drawing supplies
- laptop (optional)


1. Introduction: Introduce the purpose of a storyboard and explain why it is important in filmmaking.

2. Brainstorm: Ask students to come up with a basic story outline. Have the students brainstorm together and come up with ideas for the plot of the film.

3. Create a Timeline: Outline the key plot points of the film and create a timeline to keep track of the events. This will help with the visualization of the film as the storyboard is being created.

4. Scenes and Shots: Come up with a list of scenes and shots that will be needed for the film and organize them on the timeline.

5. Storyboard the Film: You can either draw the storyboard or create it on the computer. Have the students create the storyboard by either drawing the scenes and shots or creating them in a drawing program.

6. Wrap Up: Once the storyboard has been created, discuss the different elements that were used in creating it and why it is important when creating a film.

7. Questions and Answers: Open up the floor for questions and discussion. Encourage students to ask questions about their storyboard and about the filmmaking process.