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Objectives: 1. Understand energy stores, such as kinetic energy, potential energy, and thermal energy 2. Understand energy transfer, including radiation and convection 3. Recognize different types of energy stores, and understand how they are transferred

Materials: 1. Whiteboard and markers 2. Edexcel Physics GCSE textbook 3. Computers for research

Time: 45 minutes

Procedure: 1. Introduction- (5 minutes) -Explain to the students what energy stores and energy transfers are -Discuss what types of energy stores exist -Discuss the differences between energy stores and energy transfers

  1. Discuss energy stores- (15 minutes) -Go through the different types of energy stores, such as kinetic, potential and thermal energy -Discuss the properties of each type of energy store -Discuss how the energy is stored and how it can be converted into other forms

  2. Discuss energy transfers- (15 minutes) -Discuss the different types of energy transfers, such as radiation and convection -Discuss how these transfers work, and how energy can be transferred between different objects

  3. Activity- (10 minutes) -Split the students into groups and assign each group to research an energy transfer topic -Have the students research their topic and write a short summary

Conclusion: (5 minutes) -Review the importance of understanding energy stores and transfers -Discuss how understanding the different forms of energy can help us to conserve energy -Discuss applications of energy stores and energy transfers in everyday life