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Lesson Plan: Food and Health - Nutrition for Children

Subject: Health and Wellbeing Topic: Food and Health Desired Outcome: Having assessed how lifestyle or life stages can impact on people’s nutritional needs, I can explain how these needs are met. Level: Fourth Level (Primary 6-7)

Lesson Duration: 60 minutes

Curriculum Links: - Health and Wellbeing: HWB 4-30a, HWB 4-31a, HWB 4-32a, HWB 4-33a, HWB 4-34a, HWB 4-35a - Science: SCN 4-20a, SCN 4-21a, SCN 4-22a

Resources: - Whiteboard and markers - Handouts with nutritional information for children - Pictures of healthy and unhealthy food options - Laptop or tablet with internet access (optional)

Introduction (10 minutes): 1. Begin the lesson by asking the students about their favorite foods and why they like them. 2. Discuss with the students the importance of eating a balanced diet and how it contributes to their overall health and wellbeing. 3. Introduce the topic of nutrition for children and explain that different life stages and lifestyles can impact their nutritional needs.

Main Activities (40 minutes):

Activity 1: Nutritional Needs of Children (15 minutes) 1. Divide the class into small groups and provide each group with handouts containing nutritional information for children. 2. In their groups, ask the students to read and discuss the handouts, focusing on the specific nutritional needs of children. 3. Encourage the students to identify the key nutrients required for growth and development, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. 4. Ask each group to present their findings to the class, highlighting the importance of each nutrient for children’s health.

Activity 2: Healthy vs. Unhealthy Food Choices (15 minutes) 1. Show pictures of various food options, including both healthy and unhealthy choices. 2. Engage the students in a discussion about the differences between healthy and unhealthy foods. 3. Ask the students to categorize the food pictures into two groups: healthy and unhealthy. 4. Discuss the reasons behind their choices and the impact of these food choices on children’s health. 5. Emphasize the importance of making healthy food choices to meet their nutritional needs.

Activity 3: Planning a Healthy Meal (10 minutes) 1. In their groups, ask the students to plan a healthy meal for a child, considering their nutritional needs. 2. Provide them with a budget and ask them to select food items that meet the child’s nutritional requirements while staying within the budget. 3. Encourage the students to consider the food groups and portion sizes when planning the meal. 4. Ask each group to present their meal plan, explaining how it meets the child’s nutritional needs.

Conclusion (10 minutes): 1. Recap the main points discussed during the lesson, emphasizing the impact of lifestyle and life stages on nutritional needs. 2. Ask the students to reflect on how they can make healthier food choices to meet their own nutritional needs. 3. Provide additional resources or websites for further exploration of the topic at home.

Assessment: - Observe students’ participation and engagement during group discussions and activities. - Evaluate students’ ability to identify and explain the nutritional needs of children. - Assess students’ understanding of healthy and unhealthy food choices through their categorization and explanations. - Evaluate students’ ability to plan a healthy meal for a child, considering their nutritional needs and budget constraints.