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Objective: Students will be able to describe the origin and history of baseball in the United States

Materials: -Presentation with key dates, information, and images of the history of baseball -Handout with questions to answer during the presentation

Procedure: 1. Introduction (5 minutes): Introduce the lesson by calling attention to the importance of baseball in U.S. culture. Explain how the game of baseball has evolved over time, and how the experiences of players of different backgrounds have shaped the game.

  1. Presentation (30 minutes): Use the presentation to discuss the key dates in the history of baseball, including the formation of the first league in 1845, the integration of the Major Leagues in 1947, and the founding of the Little League in 1939. Show images and quotes to further illustrate the history.

  2. Discussion (15 minutes): Divide the class into groups and have them answer questions from the handout. Facilitate a discussion based on their responses and key points from the presentation.

  3. Wrap-Up (5 minutes): Summarize the main points of the lesson, stress the importance of baseball’s history in American culture, and encourage students to learn more about the game.

Assessment: Collect and grade the discussion handouts for accuracy.