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Create a lesson plan for high school students on direct and indirect characterization connected to Lord of the Flies

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Objective: Students will be able to identify and explain the use of direct and indirect characterization in Lord of the Flies.

Materials: Copies of Lord of the Flies, chart paper, markers


1. Introduce the concept of direct and indirect characterization to the students. Explain that direct characterization directly tells the reader about a character, while indirect characterization can be inferred by the readers through the author’s use of detail and description.

2. Have the students break up into small groups and jot down examples of direct and indirect characterization they have come across in the text. Give them a few minutes to discuss amongst their groups.

3. Ask the students to post their examples on the chart paper. Encourage students to share their examples and be willing to debate whether the examples are direct or indirect characterization.

4. Once the examples have been shared, allow for a few students to be chosen to explain their thoughts to the class.

5. Conclude the lesson by asking the students to explain the importance of characterization and how it relates to the plot, theme, and symbols in the text.

Closure: Ask the students, “Why is it important to be able to recognize direct and indirect characterization?” Look for insights into how characters can further shape a novel’s plot and theme.