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Lesson Plan: How to Import a Picture in Adobe Photoshop

Objective: Students will learn how to import a picture into Adobe Photoshop and understand the different import options available.

Duration: 45 minutes

Materials: - Computers with Adobe Photoshop installed - Sample pictures for importing (can be downloaded from the internet or provided by the teacher)


  1. Introduction (5 minutes) a. Begin the lesson by explaining the importance of importing pictures into Adobe Photoshop for editing and manipulation. b. Discuss the different file formats that can be imported, such as JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. c. Share the learning objectives for the lesson.

  2. Demonstration (10 minutes) a. Open Adobe Photoshop on the computer and project it on a screen for the students to see. b. Show the students the different ways to import a picture:
    • File > Open: This option allows importing a picture from a specific location on the computer.
    • Drag and Drop: This option involves dragging a picture file from the computer and dropping it directly into the Photoshop workspace.
    • Copy and Paste: This option involves copying an image from another source (e.g., web browser, another software) and pasting it into Photoshop. c. Explain the advantages and limitations of each import method.
  3. Hands-on Practice (25 minutes) a. Divide the students into pairs or small groups. b. Provide each group with a computer and ask them to open Adobe Photoshop. c. Instruct the students to import a picture using each of the three methods demonstrated. d. Encourage students to explore the different import options and experiment with various file formats. e. Circulate the classroom, providing assistance and answering any questions that arise. f. Once the students have successfully imported pictures using all three methods, ask them to choose one picture to work with for the next lesson.

  4. Conclusion (5 minutes) a. Gather the students together and review the import methods discussed. b. Ask students to share any challenges they faced during the practice session and how they overcame them. c. Summarize the key points covered in the lesson. d. Assign a small homework task for students to import a picture of their choice and be prepared to edit it in the next class.

Extension Activity (optional): - Ask students to research and present on the different file formats used in Adobe Photoshop and their advantages and disadvantages. - Challenge students to import a picture with a transparent background and use it in a creative project.

Note: The lesson plan can be adjusted based on the students’ prior knowledge and the available time.