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Lesson Plan: Introduction to Philosophy


1. To provide students with an overview of the history and key areas of philosophic inquiry

2. To introduce students to a philosophical approach to life in terms of knowledge, morality and aesthetics

3. To give students an introduction to the major philosophical systems such as dialectics, skepticism, and idealism

Time Required:

One 50-minute period

Materials Needed:

- Handouts containing a list of key dates in the history of philosophy and a glossary of common philosophical terms.

- Chalkboard or whiteboard and markers

Lesson Outline:

I. Introduction (10 minutes)

A. Briefly introduce the idea of philosophy, stressing its importance throughout history.

B. Explain how certain philosophic ideas have shaped society and ways of thinking.

II. Overview (15 minutes)

A. Using the handouts, go through key periods and figures in the history of philosophy.

B. Use the chalkboard/whiteboard to create visual diagrams of key schools of thought, like dialectics, skepticism, and idealism.

III. Application (15 minutes)

A. Ask students to choose a philosophical topic and explain why it is important to them.

B. Ask students to use hypothetical scenarios to discuss how different philosophical perspectives present different views on an issue.

IV. Wrap Up (10 minutes)

A. Ask students for their thoughts about the lesson, and the different ways in which philosophical ideas and ways of thinking can be applied.

B. Summarize the key points from the lesson, and encourage further exploration of selected topics outside of class.