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Lesson Plan: Reading - Birthday Celebration

Subject: Languages (Scottish Curriculum) Level: Second Level

Desired Outcome: I can select and use a range of strategies and resources before I read, and as I read, to make meaning clear and give reasons for my selection.

Lesson Duration: 60 minutes

Resources: - A variety of books, magazines, or online articles related to birthday celebrations - Worksheets with comprehension questions - Whiteboard or flipchart - Markers - Sticky notes - Colored pencils or markers

Introduction (10 minutes): 1. Begin the lesson by asking the students about their favorite birthday celebrations or traditions. 2. Discuss the importance of reading and understanding different texts related to birthday celebrations. 3. Explain the desired outcome of the lesson: to develop strategies and use resources to make meaning clear while reading about birthday celebrations.

Main Activities (40 minutes):

Activity 1: Pre-Reading Strategies (15 minutes): 1. Divide the students into small groups. 2. Provide each group with a different text related to birthday celebrations. 3. Instruct the students to use sticky notes to mark any unfamiliar words or phrases they come across while skimming through the text. 4. Encourage the students to discuss the purpose of using sticky notes and how it helps them understand the text better. 5. After a few minutes, ask each group to share their findings and discuss the unfamiliar words or phrases as a whole class.

Activity 2: During Reading Strategies (15 minutes): 1. Introduce the concept of using graphic organizers to help understand the text better. 2. Display a sample graphic organizer on the whiteboard or flipchart. 3. Read a short passage about a birthday celebration aloud, modeling the use of the graphic organizer to identify key details, main ideas, and supporting evidence. 4. Distribute worksheets with comprehension questions related to the passage. 5. Instruct the students to read the passage individually and complete the comprehension questions using the graphic organizer as a reference. 6. Monitor the students’ progress and provide assistance as needed.

Activity 3: Post-Reading Reflection (10 minutes): 1. Ask the students to reflect on the strategies and resources they used during the reading activity. 2. Discuss the effectiveness of using sticky notes and graphic organizers in understanding the text. 3. Encourage the students to share their reasons for selecting specific strategies and resources. 4. Summarize the importance of selecting and using appropriate strategies and resources to enhance reading comprehension.

Conclusion (10 minutes): 1. Review the desired outcome of the lesson: to select and use a range of strategies and resources before and during reading to make meaning clear. 2. Ask the students to share one strategy or resource they found most helpful during the lesson. 3. Provide feedback and praise for their active participation and engagement. 4. Assign a follow-up task, such as writing a short paragraph about their favorite birthday celebration using the strategies and resources discussed in the lesson.

Note: The lesson plan can be adapted and modified according to the specific needs and abilities of the students.