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Good morning/afternoon class! Today we are going to learn about the metaverse and its features. We will discuss the ways it can be used and its potential implications. As we go through this lesson, there may be things that are new to some of you. That is OK. Everyone learns at a different pace and can always revisit anything they need to at a different time.

Lesson Outline:

1. We will start by discussing the concept of the metaverse and its impact on our daily lives.

2. Next, we will look at popular virtual worlds like Second Life and how people can interact and experience things in the metaverse.

3. We will then talk about what it means to develop or design experiences in the metaverse, looking at the factors to consider when designing for a virtual world.

4. We will end by talking about some of the current applications of the metaverse and their potential in the future.


Throughout this lesson, I’ll be asking you questions to test your understanding of the concepts and encourage thoughtful discussion. Some examples of questions I’ll be asking include:

-What do you think makes the metaverse unique?

-How is the metaverse being used by businesses today?

-What challenges do you think could arise when developing experiences for the metaverse?


At the end of class, I will provide each student with a worksheet containing questions to self reflect on their understanding of the metaverse. The worksheet covers the topics discussed in class, including the different features of the metaverse, practical uses and implications, and real-world applications. This worksheet can be found here: (provide a link).


To accommodate any language difficulties, I can provide students with an additional simplified worksheet containing the same questions, but with visuals and simpler language. The worksheet can be found here: (provide a link). For students who still need further support in understanding the content, I can provide one-on-one help during the class or after the lesson.


To wrap up our lesson, I’ll ask the class to share some final thoughts and applications of the metaverse. To help with discussion, I’ll show a short video highlighting the potential applications of the metaverse.

Link to video and worksheet resources: