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Grade/Subject: Physical Geography, P7


Students will be able to describe and understand key aspects of physical geography, including volcanoes.


Whiteboard, chalk or markers
Computer with internet connection
Presentation/slides with pictures and information on volcanoes

Lesson Plan:

I. Introduction (10 minutes):
A. Introduction to physical geography - Explain what physical geography is and why it’s important in understanding the world around us.

B. Overview of volcanoes - Introduce the topic of volcanoes and their key characteristics.

II. Lesson Activity (25 minutes):
A. Review presentation/slides - Show students the presentation/slides about volcanoes and review the key information.

B. Group activity - Divide students into groups and assign each group one of the following topics: 1. Plate tectonics and volcano formation, 2. Types of Volcanic Eruptions, 3. Impact of Volcanic Eruptions on the environment, 4. Historical Volcanic Eruptions.

C. Discussion - Have the groups discuss their topic and then report back to the larger group.

III. Assessment (10 minutes):
A. Quiz - Give the students a quiz to assess their understanding of the material covered in the lesson on volcanic physical geography.

B. Group Posters - Have each group draw a poster to summarize their group's discussion on their assigned topic and let other students in the group evaluate the poster.

IV. Conclusion (5 minutes):
A. Have the students review the key points of the lesson and what they have learned.

B. Remind them of homework and/or upcoming assessments.