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Subject: Introduction to Money

Grade: Primary 2

To understand money, its role in the economy, and how it’s used to trade goods and services.

Pictures of various coins from your local currency, a poster, paper and crayons.

45 minutes


I. Introduction (5 minutes)
A. Begin the lesson by introducing the topic of money and its importance in the economy.
B. Ask the students to name a few things that cost money. (e.g; food, books, and toys).

II. Pictures of Coins (10 minutes)
A. Show the students pictures of various coins from your local currency.
B. Ask them to identify the name and value of each coin.
C. Discuss how these coins are used to purchase goods and services.

III. Money Poster (15 minutes)
A. Divide the class into groups of two or three.
B. Ask each group to create a poster illustrating the different coins and their values.
C. Pass out paper and crayons to each group.
D. The poster should also include a definition of money.

IV.Conclusion (15 minutes)
A. Allow each group to share their poster.
B.Have a discussion about the importance of money.
C. Ask the students to name some jobs that involve money.
D. Summarize the key points of the lesson.