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Lesson Plan: OU Spelling for Primary 3 Children

Objective: - To introduce and reinforce the spelling pattern “ou” to primary 3 children. - To enable students to recognize and spell words containing the “ou” sound correctly.

Success Criteria: - Students will be able to identify words with the “ou” sound. - Students will be able to spell words with the “ou” sound correctly. - Students will be able to use the “ou” spelling pattern in their writing.

Warm-up (5 minutes): - Play a short video or song that focuses on the “ou” sound, such as “The OU Song” by Scratch Garden (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vXZf9Zr3Ww). - Ask students to listen carefully to the words with the “ou” sound in the video/song. - Discuss with the students what they noticed about the “ou” sound and its spelling.

Lesson Outline:

  1. Introduction (10 minutes): - Display a list of words on the board that contain the “ou” sound, such as “cloud,” “house,” “mouse,” “shout,” “found,” etc. - Ask students to read the words aloud and identify the common spelling pattern. - Explain that the “ou” spelling pattern makes the “ow” sound, as in “cloud” and “house.” - Discuss with the students why it is important to learn and use correct spelling patterns.

  2. Word Sort Activity (15 minutes): - Provide each student with a set of word cards containing words with the “ou” sound and words without the “ou” sound. - Instruct students to sort the word cards into two groups: “ou” sound and other sounds. - Encourage students to discuss their choices with a partner and justify their decisions.

  3. Guided Practice (15 minutes): - Display a worksheet on the board or distribute printed copies to each student (example worksheet: https://www.teachstarter.com/us/teaching-resource/ou-words-worksheet/). - Guide students through the worksheet, asking them to read the words and fill in the missing “ou” letters. - Provide support and clarification as needed.

  4. Independent Practice (15 minutes): - Distribute another worksheet or provide a list of words for students to practice spelling words with the “ou” sound (example worksheet: https://www.twinkl.com/resource/t-l-5266-ou-words-activity-sheet). - Instruct students to complete the worksheet or write sentences using the given words. - Encourage students to use their knowledge of the “ou” spelling pattern to spell the words correctly.

Questioning: - What sound does the “ou” spelling pattern make? - Can you think of any other words with the “ou” sound? - How can you use the “ou” spelling pattern to spell words correctly?

Assessment: - Observe students’ participation and engagement during the warm-up and activities. - Review students’ completed worksheets or written sentences to assess their understanding and application of the “ou” spelling pattern.

Differentiation: - Provide additional support to struggling students by working with them in a small group or providing simpler word lists. - Challenge advanced students by asking them to create their own sentences using words with the “ou” sound.

Plenary (5 minutes): - Review the “ou” spelling pattern and its sound with the students. - Ask students to share one word they learned or practiced today that contains the “ou” sound. - Summarize the importance of using correct spelling patterns in writing.

Video Resources: - “The OU Song” by Scratch Garden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vXZf9Zr3Ww

Worksheet Resources: - “OU Words Worksheet” by Teach Starter: https://www.teachstarter.com/us/teaching-resource/ou-words-worksheet/ - “OU Words Activity Sheet” by Twinkl: https://www.twinkl.com/resource/t-l-5266-ou-words-activity-sheet