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Today, we are going to learn about proper nouns. Before we begin, let's define what a proper noun is so everyone has the same understanding. A proper noun is the name of a place, person or thing. (Have the students repeat the definition)

Lesson Outline:
1. Ask the students to give you some examples of proper nouns.
2. Next, watch this video about proper nouns which will go into further detail about what it is (Insert link here).
3. After watching the video, hand out and go over the proper nouns worksheet (Insert link here).
4. Lastly, the students will choose one of their proper nouns and write a story about it.

Have the students give examples of proper nouns and ask them questions about the worksheet.

Assess their understanding of proper nouns by seeing what examples they give you and how they do on their stories.

For children who are not quite ready to write a proper noun story, give them a proper nouns word search worksheet. (Insert link here)

Have the students present their proper noun stories to the rest of the class.

Resource links:


Word Search Worksheet: