Chars: Learn about place value: compare, order, round numbers; practice identifying place values; exit tickets to assess understanding; differentiate for specifics. Plenary: discuss learnings.

You 16 Jan, 19:48:23

Create a lesson plan for primary 4 children on place value. Include an introduction, lesson outline, questioning, assessment, differentiation and plenary. Include links to some video and worksheet resources.

Teacherbot 16 Jan, 19:48:23

Title: Place Value Practice

Good morning class! Today, we are going to focus on learning about place value. Place value is the value of each digit in a number. We can use it to compare, round, order and more with numbers.

Lesson Outline:

* Review the concept of place value (10 mins)
* Watch the following video:
* Discuss the different digits in a number and what each one is worth, e.g. the value of the 8 in 382 is 80

* Compare, order, and round numbers using place value (20 mins)
* Using the worksheet provided: (page 1-3)
* Ask students to compare two or more numbers, identify the largest and smallest numbers
* Ask students to order numbers from smallest to largest
* Ask students to round numbers to a given place

* Place value practice (15 mins)
* Using the worksheet provided: (page 4-5)
* Ask students to identify the place value of given digits
* Ask students to read and write numbers

* Observe students during the lesson and provide verbal feedback.
* Circulate the room to assist students who are struggling
* Utilize exit tickets to assess student understanding

* Provide additional support with more challenging activities, e.g. provide additional scaffolding or guidance with ordering and rounding
* Provide extra worksheets with more complicated questions for students who are ready for the challenge

Ask students to explain what they have learned today in their own words.

Thank you for participating class! We have learned a lot about place value today.