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Welcome the students to an engaging learning experience about the English language. Explain to them the importance of learning how to correctly pronounce English words as well as the building blocks of the language, such as phonetics, syllables, and intonation. Remind them that it is important to understand how language works and to learn how to pronounce words correctly.

Lesson Outline

1. Overview: Students will begin by reviewing the English alphabet and the basic sounds associated with each letter. Assist the students in exploring how to correctly say those sounds when used together to form words.

2. Interactive Activity: Show the students how combining the correct English pronunciation with the correct intonation can help convey the correct meaning when speaking English. Ask the students to practice forming sentences while expressing the correct intonation of their statements.

3. Assessment: Ask the students to practice different pronunciations of words and sentences and assess their pronunciation.

4. Differentiation: Give individual students extra attention or activities to help them learn and practice the correct pronunciation.

5. Plenary: To finish off the lesson, ask the students to read a passage aloud and practice their pronunciation of certain difficult words or sounds.


Throughout the lesson, ask the students questions to ensure they are understanding the concepts taught. Questions may include:

• What are the basic sounds of the English Language?

• How do you correctly pronounce words?

• How does intonation help you correctly convey the meaning of your statements?

• Can you read the passage out loud in a clear and accurate way?


Assess the students’ progress by asking them to read out loud the passage. Pay close attention to their pronunciation and intonation.


Differentiate the lesson by providing extra activities and support for those who struggle with the lesson. Give them an easier passage to read or a simpler pronunciation exercise they can practice.


To round out the lesson, ask the students to practice reading the passage out loud, paying close attention to their pronunciation of certain words or sounds.


• Power Point Presentation: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/English-Pronunciation-PowerPoint-Presentation-4064715

• Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtGPszp71h0

• Worksheet: https://www.eslprintables.com/grammar/pronunciation/Pronunciation_Adjectives_364040/