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Objective: Students should be able to use ICT (information and communication technologies) to explore the formation of the continents.

Materials: Computer with internet connection

Lesson plan:

1. Introduction (15 minutes): Introduce the students to the concept of the formation of continents. Explain the process of continental drift and present the scientific theories behind it.

2. Exploration (20 minutes): Guide the students to an online interactive map (make sure the map covers the formation of the continents) that allows them to explore the movement of the Earth’s plates and how this influences the shape of the continents.

3. Recap (5 minutes): Ask the students to explain what they have learnt from their exploration and reinforce the key points from the introduction.

4. Task (15 minutes): Ask the students to find images of the ancient continents and describe the similarities and differences between them and the continents as they are today.

5. Assessment (15 minutes): Test the students’ understanding and recall of the key points by asking a few questions about the formation of the continents.

6. Wrap Up (5 minutes): Highlight some of the key points covered in the lesson and encourage the students to seek further information.