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Subject: Financial Literacy

Learning Objective/s:
- Understand how to create and stick to a budget
- Identify saving and investing strategies
- Learn how to become financially responsible

Materials Needed: paper, internet access, whiteboard/chalk board

Time: 45 minutes


Introduction (10 minutes):
- Begin class by introducing the topic of financial literacy. Ask students if they know why it's important to be financially literate.
- Introduce key concepts related to financial literacy - budgeting, saving and investing.
- Ask students what kind of activities they currently do to manage their finances (if any).

Review & Group work (20 minutes):
- Break students into small groups and have each group create a list of job/business ideas that would enable them to generate income.
- Ask each group to present their ideas to the class and discuss them.

Budgeting Exercise (10 minutes):
- Explain to the class that when it comes to financial literacy, budgeting is an important part of managing finances.
- Distribute a budget guide to the students.
- Explain the different parts of the budget and ask students to complete one for themselves.

Investing Exercise (5 minutes):
- Explain the concept of investing and provide examples of different investment strategies.
- Ask students to research and list three strategies they can use to invest.

Conclusion (5 minutes):
- Allow students to share their investments strategies and discuss any questions they may have.
- Summarize the class discussion and explain why managing finances responsibly is so important.

- Assign students a financial literacy quiz to assess students' understanding of the concepts discussed in class.