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Objective:At the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

1. Understand the fundamentals of Tableau
2. Know the different components (e.g., worksheets, dashboards, data visualizations) used to create a Tableau workbook
3. Create basic data visualizations
4. Utilize basic analysis features in Tableau

Materials Needed:

- Tableau Platform
- PC/Laptop with Tableau installed
- Example data sets

Lesson Plan:

I. Introduction (10 minutes)
A. Overview of Tableau
B. Describe what a Tableau workbook is and its components (e.g., worksheet, dashboard, data visualizations)
C. Introduce data sets the class will use

II. Tableau Basics (25 minutes)
A. Navigating the Tableau interface
B. Creating basic data visualizations
C. Manipulating data
D. Introducing analysis features

III. Practice Activity (15 minutes)
A. Students will independently complete a practice activity to create basic data visualizations

IV. Discussion (10 minutes)
A. Discuss observations and questions related to their practice activity

V. Wrap Up (5 minutes)
A. Review objectives and any remaining questions