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Create a lesson plan for teaching Primary 1 about following the rules in class.

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By the end of this lesson, students will be able to explain why it’s important to follow the rules in class.

- Powerpoint or other visual aid
- Whiteboard or marker board


1. Introduction (5 minutes)
- Welcome all students and explain the lesson objective, that students will be learning about why it’s important to follow the rules in class.
- Introduce yourself and other educators who may be present in the classroom.

2. Review Rules (10 minutes)
- Present a visual aid of the classroom rules that have been set by the school and/or classroom teacher, such as raising your hand when you want to speak, not talking while the teacher is speaking, cleaning up after class, and respecting others’ opinions.
- Ask students why they think these rules have been put in place.
- Allow time for the students to discuss their understanding and explain to them why the rules have been set (e.g. the rules keep the classroom environment safe and respectful).

3. Role Playing (15 minutes)
- Explain to students that they will be role playing different situations that occur in class and why it’s important to follow the rules in each situation.
- Divide the students into different groups and give each group a scenario (e.g. A student asks an inappropriate question or a student finishes their work early).
- Ask each group to come up with two different endings for the scenario (one ending where the rules are followed, and one ending where the rules are not followed).
- Encourage students to think critically about why the ending might be different depending on whether the rules are followed or not.

4. Discussion (10 minutes)
- Ask each group to share their scenarios and endings with the class.
- Discuss why following the rules is important in each situation.
- Ask the students to explain what would happen if they didn’t follow the rules.

5. Wrap-up (5 minutes)
- Summarise to the students what was learnt in the lesson.
- Ask if there are any questions and answer them.
- Thank the students for participating and let them know that they can continue to refer back to the rules in the classroom.