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Subject: English Language Arts

Grade: 5

Lesson Plan: First Day of School

Objective: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to introduce themselves, get to know their classmates, and understand the classroom rules and expectations.

Materials: - Chart paper - Markers - Index cards - Pencils - Whiteboard and markers - “All About Me” worksheet (prepared in advance)


  1. Introduction (10 minutes) a. Greet the students and introduce yourself. b. Explain the purpose of the first day of school and the importance of getting to know each other. c. Share a brief personal story or interesting fact about yourself to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

  2. Icebreaker Activity: “Find Someone Who” (15 minutes) a. Distribute index cards to each student. b. Explain the rules of the activity: students need to find someone in the class who matches the description on their card. c. Examples of descriptions: “Find someone who has a pet,” “Find someone who has traveled outside the country,” etc. d. Allow students to mingle and find their matches. e. Once everyone has found their match, have each pair introduce each other to the class.

  3. Classroom Rules and Expectations (15 minutes) a. Write the heading “Classroom Rules and Expectations” on the whiteboard. b. Ask students to brainstorm what they believe are important rules and expectations for a successful classroom. c. Write their ideas on the whiteboard and discuss each one, emphasizing the importance of respect, responsibility, and cooperation. d. Summarize the agreed-upon rules and expectations on chart paper, which will be displayed in the classroom throughout the year.

  4. “All About Me” Activity (20 minutes) a. Distribute the “All About Me” worksheet to each student. b. Explain that they will fill out the worksheet to share information about themselves with their classmates. c. Model completing the worksheet by sharing your own responses. d. Allow students time to complete their worksheets. e. Once finished, have students pair up and take turns sharing their responses with their partner. f. Encourage students to ask follow-up questions to get to know each other better.

  5. Closure (5 minutes) a. Recap the main points of the lesson, emphasizing the importance of getting to know each other and understanding the classroom rules and expectations. b. Answer any questions or concerns students may have. c. Assign any necessary homework or upcoming tasks. d. End the lesson on a positive note, expressing excitement for the upcoming school year.

Note: The duration of each activity can be adjusted based on the specific needs and pace of the class.