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Students will be able to identify the main characters, demonstrate awareness of the story sequence, and express comprehension of the moral of the story.

- Copy of the story “The Little Red Hen”
- Copies of coloring page with pictures of red hen and main characters
- Blank paper
- Colored pencils, markers, crayons


1. Introduction: (5 minutes)
Introduce the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ to the students. Explain that ‘The Little Red Hen’ is a story about working hard and independence. Encourage the students to predict what the story might be about.

2. Reading the Story: (15 minutes)
Read the story aloud to the students. Encourage the students to participate by asking comprehension questions throughout the story.

3. Activity: (15 minutes)
Pass out a copy of the coloring pages with pictures of the red hen and main characters. Ask the students to color in the pictures while you discuss the characters and their roles in the story.

4. Discussion: (15 minutes)
Lead a class discussion on the characters, story sequence, and moral of the story. Ask the students to write down their answers to the questions on the blank paper.

5. Wrap-up: (5 minutes)
Sum up the lesson by reviewing the main points with the students. Ask them if they understand the moral of the story.

Have the students turn in their answers to the questions on the blank paper for assessment.