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Lesson Plan:
Objective: Students will be able to understand the fundamentals of computer science.

Materials: Computer lab, presentation screens, handouts

Time: 1 hour

I. Introduction (10 minutes)
A. Introduce yourself and discussion goals
B. Explain basics of computer science
C. Discuss how computer science relates to other academic fields

II. Overview of Computer Science Terminology (15 minutes)
A. Explain computer hardware vs software
B. Discuss memory, disks, and storage devices
C. Introduce various coding languages

III. Group Activity (15 minutes)
A. Divide the class into smaller groups
B. Have the groups discuss an example of how to use coding across different disciplines
C. Discuss their findings with the whole class

IV. Summary (10 minutes)
A. Review main points of class discussion
B. Answer any questions about the lecture
C. Assign homework, if desired

V. Closing (5 minutes)
A. Recap what students learned
B. Ask if there are any additional questions