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Welcome students! Today we are going to explore the topic of port logistics. We will cover what it entails, the different components of the process, and how it works in the real world.

Lesson Outline

1. Definition of port logistics
2. Overview of port logistics process
3. The different components of the port logistics process
4. Port logistics management techniques
5. Challenges associated with port logistics

Practical Research

To help students understand port logistics, they should conduct some research to gain a better understanding of the process. Have them find out the network of involved parties and the roles they play. They should also research any port authority regulations, the specific services offered by a port, its size, the different types of cargo that it processes, and the transportation systems that move cargo in and out of the port.


Have students put their research to the test by creating their own port logistics simulation. Divide them into small groups and ask them to each create a blueprint of how a port facility would work. Make sure to include the flow of goods, scheduling, and any other components of the process.


Encourage students to ask questions during each step of the process. Ask them what type of cargo the port processes, who is responsible for loading and unloading cargo ships, how port authorities control waste pollution, etc.


To assess student learning, provide a short test that asks questions about the topic. For example, ask them to name the different components of the port logistics process, to explain why ports are important, or to list the challenges associated with port logistics.


Provide extra support to students who need it by giving them more time to work on their simulations and providing them with additional resources. For example, give them access to websites that provide more information about port logistics, or have them watch a video about the topic.


To conclude the lesson, ask students to summarize what they learned by providing a brief overview of port logistics. Have them compare and contrast the process with other types of logistics, such as air cargo.


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMzyeoKL75E

Worksheet: https://ed.ted.com/lessons/what-is-port-logistics-jenifer-owens

Image: https://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-188784856/stock-photo-port-logistics-%E2%80%93-shipping-containers-at-the-port-of-hamburg-in-germany