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Title: Writing a Book Review

Grade Level: Year 2

Objective: - Students will learn how to write a book review by identifying key elements such as the title, author, characters, plot, and personal opinion. - Students will practice organizing their thoughts and ideas in a structured manner. - Students will develop their critical thinking skills by analyzing and evaluating a book.

Materials: - A variety of age-appropriate books - Chart paper - Markers - Writing paper - Pencils


  1. Introduction (10 minutes)
    • Begin the lesson by asking students if they have ever read a book they really enjoyed or didn’t like. Discuss their experiences briefly.
    • Explain that today, they will learn how to write a book review, which is a way to share their thoughts and opinions about a book with others.
  2. Elements of a Book Review (15 minutes)
    • Display a chart paper with the following headings: Title, Author, Characters, Plot, and Opinion.
    • Discuss each element and its importance in a book review.
    • Provide examples for each element using a book familiar to the students.
  3. Reading and Analyzing a Book (15 minutes)
    • Choose a book that the students are familiar with or read a short story aloud.
    • As you read, pause at key points to discuss the characters, plot, and any interesting details.
    • Encourage students to share their thoughts and opinions about the story.
  4. Guided Practice (20 minutes)
    • Distribute writing paper and pencils to each student.
    • Choose a book that the students have read recently as a class or individually.
    • Model the process of writing a book review on the board, using the chosen book as an example.
    • Start by writing the title and author, followed by a brief summary of the plot.
    • Discuss the characters and their traits, and then share your personal opinion about the book.
    • Emphasize the importance of supporting opinions with reasons.
  5. Independent Practice (20 minutes)
    • Instruct students to choose a book they have read recently or select one from the classroom library.
    • Provide writing paper and pencils for each student.
    • Allow students time to write their own book reviews, following the structure discussed earlier.
    • Circulate around the classroom, providing assistance and guidance as needed.
  6. Sharing and Reflection (10 minutes)
    • Invite a few students to share their book reviews with the class.
    • Encourage classmates to ask questions or provide feedback on the reviews shared.
    • Conclude the lesson by discussing the importance of respecting others’ opinions and using constructive feedback to improve their writing.

Extension Activity: - Create a class book review bulletin board where students can display their book reviews. - Encourage students to exchange book reviews with a partner and provide feedback to each other. - Have students create book review bookmarks to share with their classmates or to use as a reference when choosing new books to read.

Assessment: - Assess students’ understanding of the elements of a book review through their written book reviews. - Evaluate their ability to organize their thoughts and opinions in a structured manner. - Provide feedback on their use of supporting reasons and evidence in their reviews.