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-Students will understand what gender inequality is
-Students will identify how gender inequality manifests itself in society in stereotypes around colour preference and toy preference
-Students will brainstorm solutions to gender inequality


-Coloured pencils and paper
-Pictures of people playing with different toys

Time: 45 minutes


1) Introduce the concept of gender inequality (5 minutes):
-Explain to students that gender inequality is when one gender doesn't have the same rights, power, or opportunities as the other gender

2) Guide discussion around colour preference and toy preference (10 minutes):
-Discuss how gender often determines which colours and toys are preferred
-Show students examples of people playing with different coloured toys

3) Drawing Activity (15 minutes):
-Instruct the students to draw a picture of themselves playing with a toy
-Encourage them to think about which toy they chose and why they chose it

4) Brainstorm ideas on how to reduce gender inequality (10 minutes):
-Ask the students how they can make sure gender inequality isn't an issue
-Brainstorm ideas on the board and discuss as a class

5) Summary & Wrap-up (5 minutes):
-Review key points of the lesson
-Explain that everyone should have the same rights and opportunities regardless of gender.