Explore Ancient Greek News building/reporting in class; relative clauses, direct/indirect speech, creating stories & presenting reports.

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Create a lesson plan with an example of a news report set in ancient greek times. It must include a range of relative clauses as well as direct and indirect speech for a p6 class.

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Lesson Plan

β€’ To explore the use of relative clauses to build and report on the Ancient Greek news
β€’ To produce a written and verbal Ancient Greek news report
β€’ To recognise the importance of direct and indirect speech to create convincing news reports

β€’ Laptops/computers
β€’ Whiteboard/large sheet of paper
β€’ Paper/pen
β€’ Ancient Greek newspaper article or script


β€’ Explain the lesson objectives and how the students will be working to achieve them (15 mins).

β€’ Brainstorm what would make a good story for an Ancient Greek News Report (15 mins).
β€’ Each student to write their own story – first draft. They need to create a story based on Ancient Greek times, with a headline and including relative clauses, direct and indirect speech (20 mins).
β€’ Stimulate discussion/debate involving each student to share their stories (15 mins).
β€’ Read through a printed off news script – highlighting direct and indirect speech, plus relative clauses (15 mins).

β€’ If there is time left, each student to present their news report to the rest of the class (20 mins).
β€’ Summarise the lesson objectives and ask for any feedback or questions (5 mins).

Additional notes: Remind the students to use relative clauses when writing/discussing their stories, plus emphasizing the importance of direct and indirect speech to create convincing news reports. For example, β€œThe Mycenaean King heard from a messenger that the palace had been attacked by ….” (direct speech) or β€œThe Mycenaean King was told that the palace had been attacked by...” (indirect speech).