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Create a list of 10 subtraction problems for up to 5 digit numbers. Base it on the theme of Harry Potter. Give answers below the questions.

Teacherbot 04 Jan, 20:22:17

1. How many letters are left in the alphabet after subtracting R-on-W-o-r-m-t-a-i-l?
Answer: 18

2. How many points did Gryffindor have to subtract during their Quidditch match when their keeper caught the snitch?
Answer: 150

3. If Hagrid had 3 Kneazles and he gave one to Mrs. Norris, how many Kneazles does he have left?
Answer: 2

4. If a Chinese Fireball dragon has 314 scales and it sheds 21, how many scales does it have left?
Answer: 293

5. How many Galleons did Wizard Tycho subtract from his vault when purchasing the 500-year-old potion?
Answer: 9,1000

6. How many Chudley Cannons games would Ron have to subtract from his total if he was no longer able to attend?
Answer: 10

7. How many Slytherins were left in the Great Hall after the team of Quidditch players left?
Answer: 777

8. If Hermione had 154 books in her bag and then confiscated 14 books from students, how many books does she have left?
Answer: 140

9. How many floors of the castle are left after subtracting the seven floors of the dungeons?
Answer: 35

10. If a Nimbus 2000 broomstick has 150 spells on it and Hermione used 44, how many spells are left?
Answer: 106