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  1. Variable - A symbol that represents an unknown quantity in an equation. (Variable - Variable)
  2. Constant - A number that does not change in an equation. (Constante - Constante)
  3. Coefficient - The number multiplied by a variable in a term. (Coeficiente - Coeficiente)
  4. Equation - A mathematical statement that shows the equality of two expressions. (Ecuación - Ecuación)
  5. Expression - A combination of numbers, variables, and operations. (Expresión - Expresión)
  6. Term - A single number or variable, or a combination of both, separated by addition or subtraction. (Término - Término)
  7. Factor - A number or expression that divides evenly into another number or expression. (Factor - Factor)
  8. Exponent - A number that represents the power to which a base is raised. (Exponente - Exponente)
  9. Polynomial - An expression consisting of variables, coefficients, and exponents, combined using addition, subtraction, and multiplication. (Polinomio - Polinomio)
  10. Quadratic Equation - An equation of the form ax^2 + bx + c = 0, where a, b, and c are constants and a ≠ 0. (Ecuación Cuadrática - Ecuación Cuadrática)
  11. Inequality - A mathematical statement that shows the relationship between two expressions using symbols such as <, >, ≤, or ≥. (Desigualdad - Desigualdad)
  12. System of Equations - A set of equations with the same variables that are solved simultaneously. (Sistema de Ecuaciones - Sistema de Ecuaciones)
  13. Function - A relation between two sets of numbers, where each input has exactly one output. (Función - Función)
  14. Domain - The set of all possible input values for a function. (Dominio - Dominio)
  15. Range - The set of all possible output values for a function. (Rango - Rango)
  16. Absolute Value - The distance of a number from zero on a number line. (Valor Absoluto - Valor Absoluto)
  17. Slope - The measure of the steepness of a line. (Pendiente - Pendiente)
  18. Intercept - The point where a line crosses the x-axis or y-axis. (Intercepto - Intercepto)
  19. Matrix - A rectangular array of numbers or variables arranged in rows and columns. (Matriz - Matriz)
  20. Inverse - The opposite or reverse of a mathematical operation. (Inverso - Inverso)