Building towers, counting apples, subtracting numbers, pattern recognition, fraction identification.

You 17 Jan, 15:30:39

create a list of kids themed question to teach babies arithmetic, ordering from easy to hard

Teacherbot 17 Jan, 15:30:39

1. How many blocks can you build a tower with?
2. Can you count how many apples are in the basket?
3. How many animals are in the farm?
4. Can you sort balls by color?
5. Can you add two sets of numbers together?
6. Can you subtract one set of numbers from another?
7. How many sets of numbers can you find that add up to 10?
8. Can you count how many shapes are in the picture?
9. Can you figure out the pattern between two sets of numbers (for example, 2, 4, 6...)
10. Can you identify the fractions of each shape (for example, one-half, one-third etc)?