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Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Red Riding Hood. She lived in a small village with her family. One day, her mother asked her to take some food to her grandmother who lived in the forest.

Red Riding Hood put on her red hood and set off on her journey. As she walked through the forest, she met a sly wolf who asked her where she was going. Red Riding Hood told him she was going to her grandmother's house.

The wolf had a wicked plan. He ran ahead of Red Riding Hood and reached her grandmother's house before her. He disguised himself as her grandmother and waited for Red Riding Hood to arrive.

When Red Riding Hood reached her grandmother's house, she was surprised to see the wolf in her grandmother's bed. The wolf tried to eat her, but luckily a woodcutter came to her rescue and saved her.

From that day on, Red Riding Hood never talked to strangers and always listened to her mother's advice.