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Title: “Eager Explorers: The ‘ea’ Sound Adventure”

Objective: To reinforce the ‘ea’ sound and improve phonics skills in a fun and engaging way.

Materials: None required

Instructions: 1. Gather the children in a circle and explain that they are going on an exciting adventure to explore words with the ‘ea’ sound. 2. Explain that you will say a word, and the children need to listen carefully to identify if it contains the ‘ea’ sound. 3. Demonstrate the ‘ea’ sound by saying words like “leaf,” “beach,” and “tea.” 4. Start the game by saying a word that contains the ‘ea’ sound, such as “beach.” 5. The first child to correctly identify the ‘ea’ sound in the word gets to be the next person to say a word. 6. Continue the game, allowing each child a turn to say a word with the ‘ea’ sound. 7. If a child struggles to come up with a word, you can provide a prompt or give them a few seconds to think. 8. Encourage the children to use their imagination and come up with words related to the ‘ea’ sound, such as “dream,” “scream,” or “steam.” 9. To make the game more challenging, you can introduce a timer and set a time limit for each child to come up with a word. 10. Play the game for a set duration or until all children have had multiple turns. 11. At the end of the game, praise the children for their efforts and reinforce the correct pronunciation of words with the ‘ea’ sound. 12. You can also discuss any new words that were introduced during the game and their meanings.

Variations: - To make the game more competitive, you can keep score and award points to the children who correctly identify the ‘ea’ sound. - For a more active version, have the children stand up and take a step forward each time they correctly identify the ‘ea’ sound. - If the children are familiar with writing, you can provide each child with a small whiteboard or paper to write down words with the ‘ea’ sound instead of saying them aloud.

Note: Remember to adapt the game based on the children’s abilities and attention span.