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Learning Objectives:

1. Students will understand the basics of persuasive writing.
2. Students will be able to develop a creative and effective persuasive advertisement for a new brand of sweets.


- Computers or laptops
- Graphic design software (Adobe Photoshop or Inkscape, etc)
- Pen/Pencil
- Paper


1. Introduction (15 minutes): Introduce the concept of persuasive writing and advertising. Talk about the different elements of persuasive writing and what makes a good advertisement (target audience, catchy titles/slogans, visuals—photo, illustrations, etc).

2. Practice (20 minutes): Ask students to brainstorm ways to create a message for the new brand of sweets that is both persuasive and memorable. Have students discuss and collaborate on potential slogans, visual elements, and target audiences.

3. Design (30 minutes): Have students use the graphic design software to begin creating the actual advertisement. Ask them to include elements such as text, logos, visuals and color scheme.

4. Editing (20 minutes): Ask students to review and edit their work. Have each student present their advert to the class and receive feedback from the other students.

5. Wrap-up (10 minutes): Summarize the lesson and check for understanding. Ask students to assess their own work and name one thing they learned from the process.