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Title: Introduction to Computer Science for 11-Year-Olds

Plan Contents:

  1. Year 1: Introduction to Computers
    • Understanding the basics of computers and their components
    • Learning about input and output devices
    • Introduction to operating systems and software
  2. Year 2: Coding Fundamentals
    • Introduction to coding concepts and logic
    • Learning to write simple programs using block-based coding platforms
    • Understanding variables, loops, and conditionals
  3. Year 3: Web Development Basics
    • Introduction to HTML and CSS
    • Creating simple web pages and understanding their structure
    • Adding basic interactivity using JavaScript
  4. Year 4: Introduction to Scratch
    • Exploring Scratch programming language
    • Creating interactive stories, games, and animations
    • Understanding event-driven programming
  5. Year 5: Introduction to Robotics
    • Learning about robotics and its applications
    • Building and programming simple robots using robotics kits
    • Understanding sensors, motors, and basic robot movements
  6. Year 6: Game Development
    • Introduction to game development concepts
    • Creating simple games using game development platforms like Unity or GameMaker
    • Understanding game mechanics and designing levels
  7. Year 7: Introduction to Python
    • Learning the basics of Python programming language
    • Writing more complex programs using Python
    • Introduction to data structures and algorithms
  8. Year 8: Mobile App Development
    • Introduction to mobile app development
    • Creating simple mobile apps using platforms like App Inventor or Swift
    • Understanding user interfaces and app functionality
  9. Year 9: Cybersecurity Basics
    • Introduction to cybersecurity and online safety
    • Understanding common threats and how to protect personal information
    • Learning about ethical hacking and responsible internet usage
  10. Year 10: Data Science and Visualization
    • Introduction to data science and its importance
    • Learning to analyze and visualize data using tools like Excel or Python libraries
    • Understanding data trends and making data-driven decisions
  11. Year 11: Advanced Topics in Computer Science
    • Exploring advanced topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning, or virtual reality
    • Understanding the future of technology and its impact on society
    • Encouraging independent research and project-based learning

Note: The plan contents can be adjusted based on the child’s progress and interests. It is important to provide a balance between theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical activities throughout the years.