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Title: Introduction to Computer Science for 7-Year-Olds

Plan Contents:

  1. Overview of Computers and Technology (Week 1)
    • Introduction to computers and their uses in everyday life
    • Basic understanding of hardware and software components
    • Introduction to input and output devices
  2. Introduction to Coding (Week 2)
    • Understanding the concept of coding and its importance
    • Introduction to block-based coding platforms like Scratch Jr.
    • Basic coding concepts such as sequencing and loops
  3. Exploring Algorithms (Week 3)
    • Understanding what algorithms are and their role in computer science
    • Introduction to problem-solving using step-by-step instructions
    • Engaging in algorithmic thinking through fun activities and games
  4. Introduction to Robotics (Week 4)
    • Understanding the basics of robotics and their applications
    • Introduction to simple robotics kits like LEGO WeDo
    • Building and programming simple robots to perform specific tasks
  5. Introduction to Internet Safety (Week 5)
    • Understanding the importance of online safety and privacy
    • Learning about safe internet practices, including not sharing personal information
    • Introduction to child-friendly websites and online resources
  6. Introduction to Digital Art and Design (Week 6)
    • Introduction to basic graphic design concepts
    • Exploring creative tools like Paint or Tux Paint
    • Creating simple digital artwork using various tools and techniques
  7. Introduction to Cybersecurity (Week 7)
    • Understanding the basics of cybersecurity and its importance
    • Learning about common online threats and how to stay safe
    • Introduction to password security and safe browsing habits
  8. Recap and Project Showcase (Week 8)
    • Reviewing the key concepts learned throughout the program
    • Showcasing individual or group projects created during the program
    • Encouraging creativity and critical thinking through project presentations

Note: The plan can be adjusted based on the child’s progress and interests. It is important to make the learning experience interactive, engaging, and age-appropriate.