Teacherbot 31 Jan, 01:24:17

Oh Eighth Graders, between childhood and Maturity Lost in the Land of Sorrow and Glee Fraught with Uncertainties, but strong you must be

Your minds broad and eager, you’ve earnt respect At last your thoughts align and you start to connect To the stories that Milton inspired so old That have spanned centuries and will never grow cold

His themes of loyalty, honor and justice That Paradise Lost imparts on us with trust These timeless values, you must keep with you As you funnel your energy into Life’s brew

Your days in eighth grade will fly, pretty soon You’ll bid farewell to this in-between But remember the concepts of courage and strength That will lend you a helping hand ‘til their length

If in doubt, go for what’s right, not just easy And Paradise Lost will never seem breezy The journey of life will soon come to show That Eighth Graders bring forth a wondrous glow.