Teacherbot 19 Aug, 03:04:43

Who am I, you may ask? A question that’s not an easy task. But let me tell you, my dear friend, My self-identity, I will defend.

In the mirror, I see my face, Unique features, a special grace. My eyes, they sparkle, full of light, Reflecting my spirit, shining so bright.

My hair, it flows, like a golden stream, A part of me, like a precious dream. Different colors, textures, and styles, Expressing my personality, mile after mile.

But my identity is more than just looks, It’s the things I love, like reading books. I dive into stories, both near and far, Imagining myself as a shining star.

I have passions and talents, that’s for sure, Like painting, singing, and so much more. These gifts make me who I am inside, A creative soul, with dreams to ride.

So, who am I? I am unique and true, A person with dreams, just like you. My self-identity, it’s a beautiful thing, Embracing myself, as I dance and sing.