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Title: Addition to 10 - Let’s Explore!

Slide 1: - Welcome to our exciting math lesson on addition to 10! - Today, we will learn how to add numbers up to 10 in a fun and interactive way. - Get ready to become addition experts!

Slide 2: - Let’s warm up our brains with a quick addition game. - Look at the picture and count the objects. - Can you tell me how many apples are there? (Click to reveal answer) - Great job! There are 5 apples.

Slide 3: - Now, let’s learn how to add numbers using pictures. - Here we have 3 ladybugs and 2 butterflies. - How many bugs are there in total? (Click to reveal answer) - Well done! There are 5 bugs in total.

Slide 4: - It’s time for a fun activity! - We have 2 groups of animals: 4 cats and 3 dogs. - Let’s count how many animals there are in total. (Click to reveal answer) - Amazing! There are 7 animals in total.

Slide 5: - Let’s practice adding numbers with some cute animals. - Look at the picture and count the animals in each group. - What is the total number of animals? (Click to reveal answer) - Fantastic! The total number of animals is 8.

Slide 6: - Now, let’s move on to addition using numbers. - Here we have a number line from 0 to 10. - We will add numbers by jumping forward on the number line.

Slide 7: - Let’s try an example together. - We start at number 3 and jump forward 2 spaces. - Which number do we land on? (Click to reveal answer) - Well done! We land on number 5.

Slide 8: - It’s time for a game! - I will show you a number, and you have to tell me the next number. - Are you ready? Let’s go!

Slide 9: - Great job, everyone! You are addition superstars! - Remember to practice adding numbers every day to become even better. - Keep up the fantastic work!

Slide 10: - It’s time to wrap up our lesson. - We have learned how to add numbers up to 10 using pictures and numbers. - Now, it’s your turn to practice and have fun with addition! - Thank you for joining our interactive lesson today. Goodbye!

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