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Slide 1: Title: Asking and Answering Questions about Places and Addresses Lesson Objectives: - Remember vocabulary required to ask and answer questions about what a village/town/city is like - Ask and answer questions about one’s address

Slide 2: New Vocabulary: 1. Live 2. Street 3. Tower 4. From 5. Noisy 6. Quiet 7. Like 8. Address

Slide 3: New Structures: 1. Where are you from? I’m from… 2. What’s your address? It’s… 3. Where do you live? I live in… 4. What’s your city like? It’s a… city.

Slide 4: Vocabulary Practice: - Show pictures of different places (village, town, city) and ask students to identify them using the new vocabulary words.

Slide 5: Structure Practice: - Provide examples of the new structures and ask students to practice asking and answering questions using them.

Slide 6: Speaking Activity: - Divide students into pairs and have them ask and answer questions about each other’s addresses and what their cities are like.

Slide 7: Listening Activity: - Play an audio recording of different people talking about their cities. Students listen and answer questions about the cities based on the information they hear.

Slide 8: Reading Activity: - Provide short descriptions of different cities and ask students to read them and match them with the correct city name.

Slide 9: Writing Activity: - Ask students to write a paragraph about their own city, describing what it is like using the new vocabulary and structures.

Slide 10: Review: - Recap the new vocabulary and structures learned in the lesson.

Slide 11: Conclusion: - Summarize the main points of the lesson and encourage students to continue practicing asking and answering questions about places and addresses.

Slide 12: Questions: - Open the floor for any questions or clarifications students may have.

Slide 13: Thank You: - Thank the students for their participation and attention throughout the lesson.

Note: Each slide should include relevant images and visuals to support understanding and engagement.