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Week 1

- Introduce the novel Charlotte's Web to the class, focussing on genre (animal story), author and illustrations.
- Discuss the themes of friendship and loyalty with the pupils and ask them to come up with examples of these in the novel.
- Read the opening chapter together, exploring characters and setting.

Week 2

- Continue reading the novel and watch the animated film, comparing and contrasting key scenes.
- Discuss symbols and imagery in the book, exploring why character speak the way they do.
- Ask the pupils to create their own character with speech that reflects their personality.

Week 3

- Write a letter to Wilbur from Charlotte, exploring their relationship and the obstacles they face.
- Discuss the character of Fern, considering her journey and decisions she makes.
- Begin writing an essay on whether Wilbur was better off at the farm or the Fair

Week 4

- Free-write about the novel, reflecting on the key themes and ideas.
- Create an ending for the novel, considering different outcomes for both the animals and humans in the story.
- Begin writing a short story based on the themes of Charlotte's Web, exploring a different animal group or setting.