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Stage 1: Pre-Writing – Basic recognition of letters in predictable and random sequences, beginning name writing and sight vocabulary.

Stage 2: Emergent Writing – Fluent name writing and dedication to writing with purpose through filling out worksheets, copying and basic dictation.

Stage 3: Inventional Writing – Development and use of simple sentence structures, demonstrating growing understanding and organization of language, ideas, and mechanics (such as letter formation, spacing, punctuation, proper nouns, etc.).

Stage 4: Transitional Writing – Coming up with individual ideas and deciding on a genre/topic for writing, with increasing length and complexity of sentences, working in structure.

Stage 5: Procedural Writing – Perfection of structure, with focus on connecting ideas and narrative sequence, use of proper punctuation, capitalization and quotation marks.

Stage 6: Compositional Writing –Creative expression using multiple elements of language and mechanics in an organized and interesting way (theme, character development, descriptive language, figures of speech) to create stories and longer, formal compositions.

Stage 7: Reflective Writing – Analysing and evaluating one’s own and/or published materials to strengthen one’s writing ability; also employing grammatical rules to refine one’s writing.