Introduce Inuit culture and customs through lessons, research, art projects and storytelling.

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Create a progressive six lesson topic plan for teaching about the Inuits to a primary 6 class. The plan should include a range of activties, including some written tasks and art activities.

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Lesson One--Introduction to the Inuits
Activity: Introduce the Inuits through powerpoint slideshow with factual information and pictorial images.

Lesson Two--Inuit Customs and Culture
Activity: Divide the class into groups and complete a research task focused on traditional Inuit customs and culture. Draw a map detailing Inuit settlements and have students write a summary of their findings.

Lesson Three--Inuit Traditional Clothing
Activity: Research and draw a variety of Inuit traditional garments and discuss their features and how these clothes are adapted for the cold climate of the Arctic.

Lesson Four--Inuit Art Forms
Activity: Introduce the students to the various art forms of the Inuit, such as soapstone carving and traditional throat singing, and complete a school project designing and creating a Inuit style puppet.

Lesson Five--Inuit Traditional Storytelling
Activity: Read a traditional Inuit legend and provide written instructions for the puppet show, which the students can use during their school performance.

Lesson Six--Inuit Culture and the Environment
Activity: Introduce the concept of the Inuit culture’s close relationship with the environment, and have students present the findings of their research in a written report. Additionally, provide an art project of creating a poster that depicts the ways in which Inuits use resources from the land.